The Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association (MassCBA) is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to be the convener, voice, and advocate for the Commonwealth’s cannabis business community, including businesses providing ancillary services.

MassCBA is dedicated to ensuring that its membership fully reflects the businesses that make up the entirety of Massachusetts’ cannabis economy with a goal to grow the industry into a vibrant, world-class, and welcomed partner by our Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns. 

To this end, our vision is to have a broad and inclusive membership that ranges from contractors, accountants, and financial services firms, to cannabis device manufacturers, legal services firms, independent testing and research facilities, and licensed marijuana establishments of all categories and sizes.
MassCBA will accomplish this vision by providing networking and educational opportunities, engaging with the public regarding this emerging industry, and striving for understanding and transparency among and between industry professionals and the community at large.

MassCBA will support its members and the Commonwealth by:

  • Connecting business leaders to one another, allowing for meaningful professional relationships;
  • Informing our members of emerging issues impacting the cannabis business community;
  • Shaping broad-based public policies that sustain the cannabis business community as a whole;
  • Educating the Commonwealth’s communities, elected leaders, and residents regarding the industry and the laws governing it with a goal of advancing and growing the industry;
  • Assessing and promoting the economic potential of Massachusetts' cannabis industry; and,
  • Providing forums for best practices across the industry.

MassCBA will succeed by supporting the many commonalities that exist between our members. Our goal is to promote broad-based, pro-growth policies and push back against stigma and misinformation that threatens this new industry’s ability to take root.