Our mission

As both advocate and convener, MassCBA is a leader for the responsible growth of the cannabis industry in Massachusetts. We are making a case for the important role cannabis plays in the state’s economic, social, and cultural fabric, even as we speak clearly and honestly to public concern about health and safety. This is where we belong, and we stand ready to do our part to create jobs, support our community, and build a better economy for the Commonwealth and the region as a whole.


Our vision

As the premier Massachusetts organization for cannabis-related businesses, we are working to create a vibrant, equitable cannabis industry that serves as a positive economic engine for the region and acts responsibly toward our partners, neighbors, customers, and government stakeholders. We envision our state as a trusted leader and model across the nation – and around the world.


Our values

MassCBA advocates on behalf of our members to remove barriers, fight stigma, and bring cannabis into the mainstream of the Massachusetts economy. Working together, we are developing ethical standards to build trust and bring equal opportunity for all. We also provide invaluable resources, best practices, and networking opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs and related professionals.


Sustainable growth

We support ethical standards, reasonable regulation, and responsible practices as the best way to fight stigma and raise legitimacy. That’s how we build a strong foundation for the sustainable growth of the Massachusetts cannabis industry.


Building community

In order to succeed, cannabis businesses need to collaborate, sharing experience, knowledge, and best practices. That’s why we are building a strong, diverse community that stands together to take on challenges and seize opportunities.


The power of networks

No industry exists in isolation, which is why we are developing a broad network of allied professional services, including contractors, manufacturers, financial and legal services, and marketing consultants.


Inclusion and equity

As a nascent industry, we have the opportunity to get things right from the start, and build for diversity, equal opportunity, and fairness. We support inclusive practices across our community.